Enrolling in the Program

Enrolling in the legal insurance program provided by the Center for Student Legal Services is simple!  Every semester, including summer session, the $15 Student Legal Services Fee appears on each student's tuition bill on the student’s My OHIO Student Center portal.  The program is funded entirely by the optional $15 fee per term and students must choose to either pay or waive the fee at the beginning of every term.  Paying the $15 SLS Fee enrolls students in the legal insurance program and entitles them to all of the services that CSLS provides. Once the fee has been paid, a student has legal insurance and can utilize any of our services as many times as they need over the course of the term. Students have the first three (3) weeks of each term to waive the $15 SLS Fee from their tuition bill. After that window closes, our office cannot "un-enroll" students or issue refunds. A student can, however, re-enroll at any point during the term if the fee was waived at the beginning of the term.  If a student who waived our fee re-enrolls in our program because they need assistance with a legal issue that occurred before the re-enrollment was complete, the student will be subject to a $25 Consultation Fee and additional case fees charged at the attorney's discretion. We strongly discourage students from waiving the fee and highly recommend that they re-enroll if the fee was waived. Should a student require legal assistance for any reason, paying the $15 SLS Fee and enrolling in our legal insurance program could potentially save them hundreds of dollars in representation fees.

If a student or student’s parent waived the fee at the beginning of the term, but would like to re-enroll, they will need to complete a re-enrollment form and pay the $15 SLS Fee directly to CSLS. The re-enrollment form is available for download below and a secure pay link is provided below for electronic payments. Once completed, the re-enrollment form may be emailed to courtney@studentlegalrights.org or may be hand-delivered to the CSLS office. Cash and check payments for the $15 SLS fee are accepted at the CSLS office. Electronic payments for the $15 SLS fee must be completed by using the “Pay Now” button below and cannot be made at the CSLS office.

Please contact CSLS if there are further questions about re-enrollment.