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Information Session & Group Consultation for Baker Center Protestors

Sat., Feb. 4, 2017 at 2PM in Bentley Hall 136: informational session for OU students cited with Criminal Trespass at Baker Center on Wed., Feb. 1, 2017, who are seeking legal representation from Atty. Patrick McGee of the Center for Student Legal Services. If you paid the $12 Student Legal Services Fee at the beginning of the semester, you are eligible for representation at NO ADDITIONAL COST! (All you have to do is sign some paperwork!) If you waived the $12 SLS Fee from your tuition, you will be charged $62 ($25 consultation fee + $25 representation fee + $12 re-enrollment fee) to be represented by CSLS. Please be advised that you MUST PAY before we can allow you to sign an Agreement for Legal Services (and we must have your signed Agreement before you are officially a client – i.e., before we file with the Court on your behalf). We will accept payment in the form of CASH or CHECK. We will not be able to process plastic payments at the session. If you are unsure of your CSLS enrollment status, I will be happy to advise you at the session, but please come prepared for the worst (i.e., please bring $62 just in case).